Tribute Giving

tribute gift in support of the San José Public Library

A gift in someone’s name is a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a family member or a respected friend or colleague, or to mark a special occasion.

When You Give

When you give a tribute gift in support of the San José Public Library, we will:

  • Place bookplate(s) recognizing your honoree in a volume from whichever library collection you select from the list below*;
  • Send a card to your honoree or whomever you designate acknowledging your generosity; and
  • Recognize your honoree on our website and in any printed materials that list tribute gifts.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot honor requests that bookplates be placed in specific book titles or branches (materials circulate throughout the entire Library system). Bookplates can include text but not organizational logos. Your bookplate will remain in the book(s) for the circulation life of the book.

You may select a Library collection from the following list for your bookplate(s):

  • Children’s
  • Fiction and Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • History and Biography
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Young Adult

* Bookplates are available for tribute gifts of $100 or more:

  • $100 = 2 bookplates
  • $250 = 5 bookplates
  • $500 = 8 bookplates
  • $1,000 = 18 bookplates

FYI: Even when you request a bookplate, 100% of your tribute gift is tax deductible. Please contact us for more information.

We Are Grateful

The San José Public Library Foundation is grateful to the following donors for their tribute and memorial gifts:

Adiba Ansari

Alison Wortman

Ann Grabowski and Peter Allen

Armen Varteressian

Ava Nicole Pierce

Ava Nicole Pierce

Becky Stevens

Betty Lou Hamilton Gillette

Betty Pate Manley

Betty Wilson

Bill Clayton

Billy Dean and Angeles Kelly Heckman

Bonnie Salera’s parents

Cambrian Branch

Carol McLaggan

Cathey Graham


David L. Bergman

Deborah Garvey’s mother

Dee Constanti

Dr. Lynda Willer

Ellen Hook

Ellen Loebl

Emil A. Ranallo

Eric and Mary

Erlinda/Robert Cadena

Eva Wright

Forina Ching

Freda Farquharson

Ganesh Pai

Gina Kay Cunningham

Glen & Norma Brynsvold

Henry Levin

Hijinio Reynoso Sr.

Ho Check Gong

Honorable John and Mrs. Flaherty

Howard Yim

Jessica Lopez

Jill Bourne and Sam Liccardo

Joan Miner

Jorg Tilson

Joyce and Bob Ellington

Joyce Nelson

Julia Paccioretti

Kathie Hostetler Pankratz

Kent Greathouse

Kyle Breunling

Larry Hinman

Lillie Ikeda

Luis R Juarez

Dorothy Hurley

Madeline Damiano

Madelyn Abatecola

Marcia Richard

Margaret Fitch

Margaret Fitch

Marie Ignacio

Marilynn Carstens

Mary Ann Froman

Mary P. Flatley

Meri Maben

Michael To

Mike Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Arnulfo Orozco and Daniela Abatecola Orozco

Mrs Jayalakshmi (late)

Nancy Biagini

Nancy Covington

Naomi Tran Bergman

Patricia Ector

Patricia Smith

Paul Phillips

Phyllis Terrell

Priya Pai

Public School Teachers

Ralph K. Park

Rebecca Bright

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Turner

Regina U. Minudri

Richard Friberg

Richard Hayr

Ruth Kampa

Sandra J. Pelose

Sarah and Jason Chung

Scott Isami Kimizuka

Secondo DeCecco

SJPL Maker [Space] ship staff Elizabeth and Benjamin

Steve Kline

Steve Yarak

Steven Yarak

Sulochana M Pandya

Susan Renzel Carter

Sydney Skinnell

Taka Kitsuse

The staff at Joyce Ellington Branch Library

Thomas Xie

Uncle Tung Nguy

Virginia Handley

Virginia Latz

Walter Kuttig

Walter M. Robinson

Yassaman Jalali

Leave A Legacy

You can leave your mark on the San José Public Library by remembering us in your final wishes. So, get started on your will today and support the people and causes you love.