100,000+ people served by donor-funded programs each year

20,000+ programs facilitated each year

15,000+ hotspots used by students and San Jose Residents between 2020-2023

85% of K-3rd SJ Learns participants improved or maintained their reading.

Drive Digital Empowerment

Digital Empowerment programs provide access to digital literacy and education when children are not in school through high-quality coding, robotics, and computer science experiences, including workshops and Summer Learning Labs. Last year, 3,648 K-12 students participated in Digital Empowerment programs.

SJ Access is a citywide initiative led by the Library that provides residents and students access to quality internet, laptops, and digital literacy programs and opportunities. In addition, more than 33,000 city households have received a subsidy for home Wi-Fi through SJ Access since 2021, saving residents $4.7 million in broadband bills. Learn more at.

The San José City Council selected SJPLF to administer and manage the city’s Digital Inclusion Fund, a grant program that aims to close the digital divide over the next ten years by connecting 50,000 households to the internet and providing them with the digital skills needed to thrive. Since its inception in 2020, the fund has awarded more than $3 million to over three dozen community-based organizations to reach underserved residents in their native languages.

Enable Lifelong Learning

Adult Literacy & ESL provides an individualized education to enrich the lives of adults to achieve their personal and professional goals through reading, writing, critical thinking, technology, life skills, and English language learning. Participants are paired with a tutor who provides them with one-on-one support to help them meet personalized goals. In 2023, 183 adult learners participated and worked with 134 dedicated volunteers.

SJ Learns aims to bolster academic achievement by funding promising and innovative after school programs for San José students in transitional kindergarten through third grade. High-quality extended learning programs provide crucial academic support for struggling students in the classroom. They are especially important for students from low-income families who cannot afford fee-based alternatives. SJ Learns impacts nearly 900 students each year.

Tutoring Matters provides low-income San José students in grades 4-12 with access to high-quality tutoring services. The program aims to offset the impact of learning loss and uplift children to higher levels of academic achievement. In 2023, the program provided over 1,200 hours of quality tutoring to students in need.

SJPLF supports a variety of Library programs and materials that provide equitable early education opportunities to our community, so children and their caregivers can learn about new ideas, skills, and possibilities, as well as a safe space to explore, play, connect, and grow. Last year, 2,600 Wee programs were offered at all 25 Library locations.

Building the Workforce

Resilience Corps Learning Pathway is a jobs program for young adults designed to address economic and workforce development needs while aiding in learning recovery for K-8 grade students affected by the pandemic. Last year, they served 6,500+ students. Resilience Corps Associates are hired by SJPLF and placed with after school programs across the city. The Associates earn a living wage while working with children and receiving valuable career development training.

Career Online High School offers adults the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma and a career certificate online for free. This is a vital step for participants to advance in their career or pursue higher education once they graduate. 297 scholarships have been awarded over the course of the program.

SJPL Works provides economic and workforce development resources for employment seekers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. Services include resume assistance, mock interviews, career exploration, and more. Learn more and see upcoming events:

The Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregiver Support Network connects caregivers of children aged 0-5 to learning and workforce development opportunities and a peer community. Programming is designed to remove systematic barriers and foster a diverse and inclusive environment for all. Last year, participants received 3,200+ collective professional development hours during the program.

Promote Diverse Arts & Culture

With SJPLF support, the Library launched Teen ARTrepeneurs, a series to teach creative middle and high school students to take their passions and turn them into a small business. Students learn financial literacy skills, small business skills, and how to take their creative work to the next level.

A teen-exclusive hub with a recording studio, Gamer Lounge, and Makerspace. With support from the Foundation, TeenHQ provides cutting-edge tech and innovative programs to foster creativity, learning, and growth. Learn more and “be you” at TeenHQ.

SJPLF supports year-round Literary Arts programs like the Winter Reading Challenge, Spring into Poetry Contest, Summer Learning Program, Graphic Novel Making Contest, Halloween Booktacular, Local Lit, and the Fall Short Story Contest. 

Unlock San José’s rich history with the California Room’s new digital archive of the Mercury News, made possible by a generous donor. Explore extensive collections on California history. Access articles, images, and more with your library card.

SJPLF is excited to help increase hands-on artistic experiences and expand access to cultural resources. We support arts and crafts programs, activity kits, and cultural events at San José library branches, and help fund the Library’s collections and events.

Annual Reports

Your gift to the San José Public Library Foundation is changing lives right here in San José. Library programs supported by the Foundation allow residents to pursue their dreams by providing the tools, training, and resources they need to succeed. 

As you read through these reports, we hope that you connect with some of the people whose lives were transformed by contributions to the San José Public Library Foundation.
We hope their stories inspire you as much as they inspire us every day.