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SJ Aspires
Jesus' Story

"SJ Aspires showed me what it takes to get to college and understand the application process. My parents didn't have a college education-I'll be the first in my family to go to college. I'm excited to use my scholarship!"

– Jesus, San Jose Aspires Participant - Attending SJSU

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Summer Learning San Jose Public Library
A Parent's Story

“One of our absolute favorite learning classes. I cannot believe how much my child is growing in their artistic talent and knowledge of the ABCs. Thank you so much for offering these classes!”

-Summer Learning Program Parent

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Joan's Story

“My learner inspires me! Now he goes shopping outside his neighborhood because he feels that he can speak with the clerks and understand when they speak to him. I’m excited because that means his world is now much larger. All of this is due to his motivation and hard work. Thanks for putting us together!”

– Joan, PAR Volunteer Tutor

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Sylvia's Story

“I gained a lot from the program. It was hard, but I learned that if I want something, I need to be perseverant. Right now, I am looking to obtain a college diploma. I plan to become a coach for parents who have autistic kids. It is never too late to achieve your dream!”

– Sylvia Nolasco, COHS Class of 2021

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SJ Access
A Family's Story

“The hotspot has been great! It gives my children peace of mind knowing they will be able to access their online classrooms without being dropped by the internet. One less stress factor. Thank you!”

– SJPL Member

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A Teacher's Story

“There are not a lot of places where you can learn coding, especially for free, and the library is a hub for the community and having it here makes it easy for people. I love being able to help my students when they are feeling stuck and when they see the solution. I really enjoy that smile on their face.”

– Prothit Halder, Coding5K Teacher

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Resilence Corps Learning Pathway and Coding5k Work Together To Do More

Associates undergo training on coding concepts and then lead Coding5k classes at library branches, increasing accessibility to coding education in San José.

This initiative not only benefits the students but also provides career opportunities for Resilience Corps Associates in the tech or education sectors.

Read more to see the depth of their impact!

Partners in Reading Volunteer Gives Back to Her East Side Roots

As a child, she often found herself translating for her parents and helping them navigate the challenges of life in a new country. She saw firsthand how difficult it can be to learn a new language as an adult.

Now, she volunteers to help others improve their English literacy.

Read the touching story about why this San Jose native gives back.

Empowering Girls in Tech – Coding5k Spotlight

Two girls practicing coding skills on their iPad.

Learn about an App Design and Development Club for Girls workshop series.  

The course was specifically designed for girls due to their low representation in STEM programs, and technology and coding classes. 

The three-day series emphasized app design and coding, and was created with the hope of fostering a comfortable and welcoming environment that encourages young girls to explore coding as a career option.

Click below to read more!

Meet The Students

Learn more about the students who benefit from this innovative partnership between the San José Public Library, Mayor Sam Liccardo, and the San José Public Library Foundation!

Library Funding Meets the Needs of the Community

For Sandra Patricia Madrigal Ruiz, it was the Library’s Family, Friend, and Neighbor Caregiver Support Network that helped her pursue her dream of teaching. “I never imagined myself taking college classes,” she says. “And I could never have done it without the support of this program.”

 Sandra Patricia Madrigal Ruiz FFN Caregiver network

A Full-Circle Story Spanning 35 Years

This is a story of the 35-year intersection of the San José Public Library Foundation (SJPLF) and San Jose’s Mendoza Family. The Foundation is celebrating its 35th Anniversary of providing critical financial support to the San José Public Library (SJPL).

Julie and Anthony Mendoza are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary, which marks the beginning of their family’s deep and transformative connection to the San José Public Library.

Reflecting back, SJ Aspires especially helped Ivan overcome procrastinatingon hisresume assignment, which became one of Ivan’s favorite experiences in the program.“I thought that was really cool because if I wasn’t pushed to make my resume, I probably wouldn’t be able to apply tothecurrent jobs that I want to apply to right now

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Hear the touching story about why this San Jose native gives back.