SJPL Works is both a physical and online space that unites the expertise of our region’s top leaders in economic and workforce development, creating a hub of services and resources for employment seekers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in order to increase economic success for San José’s workforce. The business center at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library features collaborative workspaces with technology and productivity tools, meeting spaces with videoconferencing, specialized collections and classes, and much more.

The Need

An engaged and actively employed community is a key factor in a city’s overall success. Quality of life, health, and education have all been shown to be impacted by a city ’s employment rates, and San José is no exception. The cost of living in the San José metropolitan area is one of the highest in the nation and continues to rise. Many San José residents struggle to keep up with a shifting job market and to maintain the income needed to remain in the city. SJPL Works is dedicated to helping these residents get the resources and training they need to get ahead at work, find a new job, or start a business of their own.

The Impact