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SJ Access

The Program

SJ Access is a citywide initiative led by the Library that provides residents and students access to quality internet, free Wi-Fi, and digital literacy programs and opportunities. Through the program, residents can check out mobile hot-spots for the convenient Wi-Fi access and borrow devices like laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. SJ Access is designed to help households with little or no internet access get connected by partnering with school districts and businesses, installing outdoor Wi-Fi access at libraries and community centers, distributing new and refurbished devices, and providing workshops and other programs to improve digital literacy. The program is innovative in its holistic approach to closing the digital divide, which up to now has been addressed in a more piecemeal way.

The Need

A key component of the City’s Education and Digital Literacy Strategy, approved by the City Council in 2018, SJ Access aims to bridge the persistent digital divide that disproportionately impacts our residents, particularly low-income communities and people of color. Access to digital connectivity — a fast and reliable internet connection — has become an essential service for residents in San José, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, with our students and teachers navigating the challenges of distance learning.

The City of San José estimates that 41,000 residents are without internet and 25,500 are under-connected without adequate technology to take full advantage of the digital economy. Additionally, a Santa Clara County Office of Education May 2020 Needs Assessment revealed that 37,876 students rely on their school to provide them with digital devices; and over 10,000 school-age children from low-income families are struggling to maintain their academic skills through distance learning.

The Impact

SJ Access goes beyond device distribution to offer trainings in multiple languages that help community members acquire the skills they need to get the most out of those devices. Library staff make it a priority to offer residents trainings in topics that matter to them. For some, this means how to support children in distance learning and communicate with teachers; for others, it is learning how to search for jobs and apply for openings online. The SJ Access curriculum also includes tips for getting access to low-cost or free IT services so that widespread digital inclusion is sustainable over the long term.

With support from SJPLF, the Library is able to conduct this work at scale through 25 branches across the city, partnering with smaller community agencies where appropriate to expand its reach. To assist with allocating resources, SJPL created an equity index screen in January 2020 to collect data on poverty, K-12 enrollment, ethnicity, English proficiency, and technology access.

Beginning in Fall 2020, SJPL has collaborated with the Santa Clara County Office of Education to distribute 12,800 hotspots to families with children in K-12 schools in San Jose who lacked sufficient connectivity at home. Additionally, the Library is currently working with the City’s IT department to establish free neighborhood-based WiFi in an equitable fashion, and 3,000 hotspots are available for checkout to SJPL members. Building upon these initial steps, the Library can provide the means for tens of thousands of families and working-age adults to become informed participants in digital life.

During the pandemic, SJ Access has provided Tech@Home kits including a laptop or iPad and mobile hotspot that can be checked out by Library members for up to 120 days. The program has also offered free digital literacy workshops in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese to help low-income households become at least minimally proficient in using a computer and navigating the web. In-language technical assistance is also available over the phone for anyone who needs extra help. Additionally, the Library’s Maker[Space]Ship mobile tech center has made weekly visits to underserved communities.

In 2021, SJ Access built a free outdoor Wi-Fi service for East San Jose. This community Wi-Fi service provides Wi-Fi to the surrounding areas of three major high schools in East San Jose, with access planned for another five high schools by 2022. The Library also created a free Downtown Wi-Fi network in partnership with Facebook and Cambium Networks.

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SJ Access
A Family's Story

“The hotspot has been great! It gives my children peace of mind knowing they will be able to access their online classrooms without being dropped by the internet. One less stress factor. Thank you!”

– SJPL Member




Wifi hotspots available for students and families in San Jose

Hotspots are available for checkout to SJPL members 

Free outdoor Wi-Fi service for East San Jose

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