San José Public Library (SJPL) and the City of San José are committed to increasing the availability of quality STEM programming to Silicon Valley students through the Coding5K Challenge. By leveraging assessment tools and expert volunteers, Coding5K offers year-round, age-appropriate workshops in basic, intermediate, and advanced coding, in addition to robotics and full-day coding focused summer camps targeted toward communities and demographics traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry.

The Need

Whether a child’s future includes a career in computer science or not, coding exposes them to new learning opportunities, and builds skills that reinforce academic success — creativity, risk-taking, collaboration, and the idea that learning is a process rather than a product. Coding plays an increasingly large role in our society, and as the self-proclaimed “Capital of Silicon Valley”, San José is uniquely positioned to benefit from and impact this growing and evolving field. By 2026, our region is projecting a gap of 97,520 jobs in the computer science field with a median average salary of $101,000. However, we are seeing a growing gap between the people who work in these fields and the people who live in San José. The Coding5K Challenge provides equitable educational access to students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and grow in these key fields of study, enabling more of our community to participate in the industry that has made Silicon Valley thrive.

The Impact


We are grateful to these individuals and organizations for their financial support of the Coding5K Challenge and other digital inclusion programs. Please contact Development Director Nicole Chitty to learn more about how you can support this program.

  • Library Tier $100K+

  • Hardback Tier  $25K+

  • Board Book Tier $10K+

    • Deloitte Services LP
    • Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation