A gift in someone’s name is a meaningful way to honor or memorialize a family member or a respected friend or colleague, or to mark a special occasion.

When you give a tribute gift in support of the San José Public Library, we will:

  • Place bookplate(s) recognizing your honoree in a volume from whichever library collection you select from the list below*;
  • Send a card to your honoree or whomever you designate acknowledging your generosity; and
  • Recognize your honoree on our website and in any printed materials that list tribute gifts.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot honor requests that bookplates be placed in specific book titles or branches (materials circulate throughout the entire Library system). Bookplates can include text but not organizational logos. Your bookplate will remain in the book(s) for the circulation life of the book.

You may select a Library collection from the following list for your bookplate(s):

  • Children’s
  • Fiction and Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • History and Biography
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Young Adult

* Bookplates are available for tribute gifts of $100 or more:

  • $100 = 2 bookplates
  • $250 = 5 bookplates
  • $500 = 8 bookplates
  • $1,000 = 18 bookplates

FYI: Even when you request a bookplate, 100% of your tribute gift is tax deductible. Please contact us for more information.

The San José Public Library Foundation is grateful for tribute and memorial gifts from individual donors received from June 2019 through December 2020 honoring the following people:

In honor of

Joyce Baker
Beatriz & Adrian
Stephanie Birondo and Mary Nino
Brian & Liz Cabral
Children of Latino families in the Guadalupe Washington Neighborhood Area
Dr. Dawn Coppin
Lila Abigayle Enos
Nolan Gregory Enos
Riley Alexander Enos
Kristopher Iotov who volunteers at the Santa Teresa branch
Georgiana Flaherty
Homer L. Fletcher
Robert & Vicky Kossayian
Walter Kuttig
Virginia Lebacqz
Henry S. Lee
Gavin Ng and Keren Ling
Joan Lopez
Ryan Lowe
Julia Paccioretti
Dorothy Rowland
San Jose public library
Steve for his love of the library and in memory of Layne
Volunteers of room B-3 at Simonds Elementary School
Thomas Xie


In memory of

Ben and Bruce
Prof. Shanti Swarup Ambardar
Rose Avela
Edith Badenoch
Nancy Bellaire
David L. Bergman
Nancy Biagini
Stephen Brieger
Glen and Norma Brynsvold
Donald J. Cantrell
Jeanne Carevic
Marilynn Carstens
Charlotte Chastain
Gavin Coffing
Pat Dando
Secondo Dececco
Janice Donnelly
Patricia D. Ector
Erlinda Estrada
David Fadness
Mike Harris
Billy Dean Heckman
Marie Ignacio
Marie E. Ignacio
Lillie Ikeda
Dr. V. Kamkar – Children Advocate
Milt and Marijane Kelly
Rolf Klenk
Judy Klikun
George Kobayashi
Layne Kulwin
Efrain Lugo
Malia MacDiarmid
Peggy McClure
Elaine Merchant
Edwin Mello
Judith Monahan
JoAnn O’Hara
Nina Petrova-Paquette and Sukhjit Sangha
Ralph Park
Sandra J. Pelose
Ava Nicole Pierce
Patrick Pizzo
Former librarian and San Jose City Council member, Charlotte Powers
William C. Rike
Edie and Klaar Rog
Marlene Schroeder
James E. Stolp, former SJPL Librarian
Peter Stone
Phyllis Terrell
JorJ Tilson, who loved books and enlivened our conversations – San Jose Rotary Book Club
Stefania Tomichek
Dora Y. C. Tsai
Ming T. Wang
Anita H. Wilson
Steve Yarak