Resilence Corps Learning Pathway and Coding5k Work Together To Do More

Introduction: The San José Public Library Foundation (SJPLF) envisions a community where everyone has equal access to lifelong learning, empowering individuals to thrive in school, career, and life. SJPLF supports a variety of programs at the San José Public Library (SJPL), such as  Resilience Corps Learning Pathways and Coding5k. SJPLF is thrilled to highlight a remarkable collaboration between these programs that exemplifies the power of teamwork and collective impact. 

Collaboration in Action: The Resilience Corps focuses on economic and workforce development for young adults, concurrently aiding K-8th grade students in learning recovery from the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. After hiring young adults as Resilience Corps Associates, SJPLF places them with local organizations, including the San José Public Library, to extend after-school learning programs. Last academic year, Resilience Corps serviced 6,500+ students and enrolled 115 young adults in the program. 

Impact on Coding Education: At the library, Resilience Corps Associates contribute to the Coding5k initiative, a citywide program at SJPL aimed at enhancing access to free, quality STEAM learning programs for K-12 students.

Associates undergo training on coding concepts and then lead Coding5k classes at library branches, increasing accessibility to coding education in San José. This initiative not only benefits the students but also provides career opportunities for Resilience Corps Associates in the tech or education sectors. Last year, 3,648 K-12 students participated in Coding5k programs.  

Celebrating Success: This collaborative effort is a cause for celebration, and we’re committed to highlighting its success. Throughout the year, we will track the progress of these Resilience Corps Associates, showcasing their impact on the community and their personal growth. 

Professional Development at Apple Headquarters: A small group of Resilience Corps Associates had the unique opportunity to attend a professional development workshop at Apple Headquarters at the end of 2023. The workshop, “Code Your First App,” equipped them with essential skills using Playground in Swift. The day included discussions with Apple volunteers on the importance of prototyping when designing an app. 

Understanding the “Why” Behind Coding: The event fostered a deeper understanding of the thought process behind app development and the significance of coding. Collaborative activities, such as brainstorming and prototyping using Keynote, allowed Associates to grasp the “why” behind coding – a critical perspective often overlooked. 

Cultivating Community and Sparking Change: This collaboration not only enhances technical skills but also cultivates a sense of community. By approaching city challenges through diverse perspectives, skills like prototyping and coding become powerful tools, not just for youth empowerment but also for sparking positive changes in personal lives. This collaborative effort aims to transform the present and create a future filled with opportunities for all. 

Conclusion: As we celebrate the success of the Resilience Corps and Coding5k collaboration, we recognize the transformative power of collective impact. Through shared goals, professional development opportunities, and a commitment to equity, we pave the way for a brighter future where access to quality education is a reality for everyone. 

The Resilience Corps Learning Pathway is funded by #CaliforniansForAll. 

Resilience Corps Associates are placed at a variety of partner organizations throughout San José in addition to SJPL. Those interested in applying to become Resilience Corps Associates are not guaranteed placement in any specific organization.