As part of national Take Action for Libraries Day on Thursday, April 8th, we encourage you to contact the Mayor and your City Councilmember to let them know why the San José Public Library is essential to ensuring equity of access to information and education. See below for their contact information and some suggestions of what to say.

Not sure what City Council District you live in? Visit the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters to look it up OR check this handy map.

Thank you for speaking out on behalf of our public libraries!

Mayor – Sam Liccardo | (408) 535-4800 |

District 1 – Chappie Jones | (408) 535-4901 |

District 2 – Sergio Jimenez | (408) 535-4902 |

District 3 – Raul Peralez | (408) 535-4903 |

District 4 – David Cohen | (408) 535-4904 |

District 5 – Magdalena Carrasco | (408) 535-4905 |

District 6 – Dev Davis | (408) 535-4906 |

District 7 – Maya Esparza | (408) 535-4907 |

District 8 – Sylvia Arenas | (408) 535-4908 |

District 9 – Pam Foley | (408) 535-4909 |

District 10 – Matt Mahan | (408) 535-4910 |

Don’t know what to say?

Here are a few talking points you can use in your phone calls and emails. Don’t feel obligated to copy these word for word. We encourage you to use your own voice to tell our city leaders why YOU support the Library!

  • The San José Public Library enriches the lives of our residents by fostering lifelong learning and by ensuring that every member of the community has access to a vast array of ideas and information.
  • Approximately 95,000 San José residents lack reliable access to the Internet and at least 23,000 working-age adults have lost their jobs and lack the connectivity and/or computer skills to seek a new job, sign up for safety net services, or continue their education.
  • Local budgets should reflect the values of the communities they serve. As such, the City of San José’s budget should prioritize and expand Library services in order to reach our most vulnerable residents and build a more equitable, educated, and engaged community.
  • The Library has taken the lead in implementing the City’s Education and Digital Literacy Strategy, which has become even more critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, with tens of thousands of San José residents struggling with distance learning, underemployment, and financial hardship.
  • Any cuts to Library hours and public-facing staff will only serve to exacerbate the growing digital divide in San José.