Don't be late for a very important date! 35th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, October 20,22. Brought to you by the San Jose Public Library Foundation. Banner text coupled with an image of a rabbit with a pocket watch, that shows the theme of the gala is related to Alice in Wonderland.


$135 per ticket until September 10, $200 per ticket after September 10

The year 2022 marks the San José Public Library Foundation’s 35th anniversary. And over the past 35 years The Foundation has raised more than $35 million to support our libraries and its programs that benefit our community members by preparing children for kindergarten to serving aging adults, truly encompassing what it means to provide lifelong access and support.

It is our sincere desire that you will partner with us and the Library Foundation by becoming a sponsor of this important event. This event is an opportunity to visit old friends and introduce new friends to the Library Foundation.

Please contact Jodie Pulliam at or 408-808-2130 for more information.


The San José Public Library Foundation is truly grateful for the support  from the individual donors and sponsors.